Founding Board Member

Lisa is a founding board member of GreenWave, the award-winning non-profit that has designed a new model of restorative ocean farming that is working to to restore ecosystems, mitigate climate change, and build a blue-green economy.  She brings her years of experience in bringing together organizations from multiple sectors (agriculture, community-based/grassroots NGOs, economic investment and philanthropy) and leveraging their respective capacities to create programmatic initiatives that promote local food access and justice. She has worked with grassroots and community efforts to transform the local food system in Connecticut for over a decade, including serving on the board of CitySeed and on the steering committee of the Working Lands Alliance.

As a cancer survivor and mother of two, Lisa has focused on the links between the environment and health and of the potential of regenerative agriculture to heal and nourish our bodies and the planet. She is increasingly concentrating on solutions at the intersection of gender inequality and climate change, and the potential of women to lead the charge. 

Lisa also serves on the Washington D.C. regional board of NatureBridge, a national environmental education organization that operates in five National Parks; the first East Coast program runs in Prince William Forest in Virginia.