Member Spotlight: Nikki Silvestri

Nikki Silvestri

I see soil is a metaphor for complexity, and thriving in the midst of rapid change. Soil reminds us that rapid, sometimes overwhelming change is the essence of new life. It reminds us that creating nourishing conditions for the cycle of life to occur is the way to stay grounded. It’s also a literal tool for regeneration at the center of ecological restoration.

I see shadow as a reminder to seek what is hidden, so that it becomes our ally instead of our downfall - it’s a commitment to integration. Surfacing long-ignored issues is a moment fraught with danger, as it can lead to indiscriminate and shockingly destructive behaviors. Creating pathways to integrate what has been hidden is the difficult, confronting, and life-changing work of new leadership. We must must work toward transformation within ourselves - facing our own resistance to compromise, our fear of change, and our grief of what we are losing.

I work with women entrepreneurs (including social entrepreneurs) in sustainability/regenerative business to maximize their impact (and profit!) through diversity and inclusion. I’m particularly excited about my partnership with LaKita Williams of CoCreate Work this year, to offer company culture services that hold diversity and inclusion as central.

In our recent Facebook Live, we discuss common pitfalls - and what to do about them - when approaching diversity and inclusion work.

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Building true allies: Nikki Silvestri at TEDxManhattan