Member Spotlight: Tanu Kumar

Tanu Kumar

As an avid lover of cities, Tanu has spent her career crafting plans to create more accessible public spaces, vibrant business districts, and sustainable communities. Tanu is a recent transplant to the Hudson Valley area of Upstate NY, and is now working with small and medium-sized cities in the region to leverage the recent growth in the arts, tourism, and culture economies to create more broad-based opportunities and equitable outcomes. In Pittsfield, MA, she is leading a design process for a new neighborhood park that will provide community performance space and access to an underutilized river. She is an organizer of Future Hudson, an event series that seeks to engage citizens in a meaningful dialogue around gentrification and possibilities for growth. And nationally, she's contributing to new research that supports efforts to grow local economies through cultivating small-scale production businesses. She is also a mother of three children!

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