Our Values

  • We believe that our health, and the health of our children, depend on the natural world.                           

  • We believe the most effective leaders lead with knowledge, empathy, respect, trust and inclusiveness.

  •  We believe leadership and social change can happen at myriad levels and scales.

  •  We believe generosity of time, resources and spirit are necessary to support and assist women leaders to create positive social change.

  • We believe bringing women together with diverse backgrounds, talents and skills leads to cross pollination that is critical for effective social change.                        

  • We believe forming partnerships with like-minded organizations creates a synergy that provides women leaders with holistic services and community to meet their goals.

Pleiades is a non-partisan organization and does not make any political or policy stands as an organization. 

We imagine widespread and equal representation of women in all levels of leadership influencing progress toward sustainability