Our Mission

The mission of Pleiades is to inspire, recognize and advance women’s leadership in creating a more sustainable world.

We achieve this mission by building community amongst women leaders, offering them opportunities to sharpen their leadership skills, and formally recognizing women for their efforts to create positive social change.

Our goal is to empower women and support them in their journey. To lift them up, amplify the volume of their voices and help make their good work sing. For women who want to make this world more just and sustainable, we are here for them.    

While there are myriad professional organizations and networks tailored to women, few specifically serve women who are working toward positive social change and sustainability. Through a unique blend of offerings, Pleiades meets the needs of women who are working tirelessly to make positive change in the world through a range of efforts.           

Our Vision                        

Pleiades envisions a country with widespread and equal representation of women in all levels of leadership influencing positive progress toward sustainability.

We exist to engage women in their efforts to make the world a better place.